How it works

  • Developing incubators in India
  • Pre Funding Qualification
  • Engaging with UK & Indian Universitites
  • Odyssey Mission scholarship
  • Partnerships with UKTI
  • Asian & UK Mentors
Institutional Investors/HNWI/Global Angel Groups
Yearly Non SEIS & EIS Funds
UK Investors/Expact SAARC Community in the UK
Odyssey Mission


Yearly SEIS/EIS Fund
Odyssey Funds


Advisory Committee/

Innvotec Ltd manages the Odyssey Funds which will invest in businesses started by selected Asian (SAARC) Entrepreneurs, some of whom will need a T1 Visa, which investment by the Fund will facilitate. 

Yearly funds will invest at the seed stage and subsequent growth funds will co-invest in future funding rounds to support the entrepreneurs as their ventures expand. The Odyssey Mission will be funded by a contribution from portfolio companies and is a non for profit enterprise with an advisory committee of prominent business people. 

The Odyssey Mission's intention is to support and promote Asian (SAARC) entrepreneurs who were not born in the UK so that they can realize their entrepreneurial ambitions here in the UK.

The Odyssey Mission will develop University partnerships, International trade relationships and incubation facilities across India.


About the Fund(s)

Fund Manager

Innvotec’s strategic partners for the Odyssey Mission funds are The Startup Funding Club Ltd and Pi227 Ltd, who between them have a team of entrepreneurs, mentors and business angels to identify the target companies and provide the post-investment guidance that can really make a difference to investment returns.

The Manager and its Partners have:

• Over 30 years’ experience managing Venture/EIS/SEIS Funds

• Expertise in the “start-up” world with investments in many early stage companies

• Had successful entrepreneurial careers themselves

• Investee companies are carefully selected through rigorous due diligence

• Chosen on strict growth criteria

• Portfolio will contain companies at different stages of

development from idea to revenue generation

• Ranging from technology to physical product to service


Innvotec is a long-established and leading UK venture capital fund manager whose business model is to work alongside knowledgeable and trusted “strategic partners” to consistently deliver above average performance for its clients. 

Innvotec has a strong track record of EIS investments with seven previous EIS funds and two previous SEIS funds, the latter in conjunction with Startup Funding Club.

• Fees charged to portfolio companies are lower

than the industry average to leave cash for growth

• Fund gets 30% of upside, once UK tax paying investors have

received £1.10 per £1 invested (ignoring tax relief)

• Tax efficient – 100% of every £1 committed by UK tax paying

investors receives SEIS relief