UK tax payers can invest up to £100,000 per tax year in SEIS and receive the following tax reliefs:

• 50% income tax relief in the tax year of investment

• Effective 14% capital gains tax (‘CGT’) rollover relief on capital gains in the tax year of investment

• Reliefs can be carried back to prior tax year subject to an individual’s available

SEIS allowance

• Any gains upon realisation are free of CGT

• Loss relief is available to be set against income tax which together with SEIS relief at the outset and CGT relief is equivalent to maximum 86.5% total relief

• The minimum and maximum subscription will be £250k and £2.5m respectively

• The minimum investment will be £3,000

• Offer will close on 30th June 2016 

• Innvotec can facilitate advisor charges from investor commitment.

• 7.5% upfront charge levied on Investee Companies to preserve 100% SEIS relief on Investors subscription

• Annual Management fee: 1.5% with no further hidden charges

The Odyssey Mission 2015 SEIS Fund (‘the Fund’) provides investors with:

• A pure SEIS investment portfolio of at least 12 companies

• SEIS relief in the 2015-16 Tax Year which can also be carried back to prior tax year (2014-15)

• Innvotec believes this Offer has the lowest charges for an SEIS Fund of this type

• Manager, Innvotec, has a good EIS and SEIS track record

• Large team; the Fund is sponsored and managed by Innvotec, and advised by The Startup Funding Club;  a combination of industry veterans and experienced angels and investors with over 16 Growth Accelerator coaches allocated to the portfolio.

You do not have to be a UK tax payer to invest in the Fund, but non UK tax payers will not receive any tax benefits.

SEIS Tax Relief

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